Defining Vision & Strategy

Telescope symbolises business vision Are you clear about what you are trying to achieve?

What is the purpose of your organisation? Why does it exist and what outcomes are you trying to achieve?

What is the required sales approach to achieve the desired customer experience and what kind of environment are you trying to create?

A well thought through vision and strategy with clear and measurable outcomes, and which satisfies the needs and desires of customers and stakeholders, is a vital ingredient for successful and sustainable profitable growth in an ever-changing and competitive business environment.


Our Strategic Visioning Workshop is designed for Senior Management Teams. The purpose of the Workshop is to create or clarify:

  • your vision (future state).
  • why you exist (your purpose).
  • what you are trying to achieve (desired outcomes), and
  • the appropriate sales / commercial culture to differentiate you from your competitors.

The ultimate aim is to clarify where you are currently (current state) against your vision, and design a logical route map to achieve your desired outcomes.

When the vision and strategy is communicated effectively and understood by everyone within the organisation, and where resources, systems and cultural behaviours are in line with the achievement of the desired outcomes, this helps enable an organisation to grow profitably and remain fit for purpose according to existing, anticipated and changing customer and stakeholder needs and desires.


  1. To develop a shared vision of your purpose, culture, outcomes expected and customer experience (Change Loop Gap Analysis).
  2. To identify the size of the gap between your current approach and shared vision, as defined in objective 1.
  3. To explore the benefits of delivering your vision at three levels:
    1. Customer
    2. Organisation
    3. Staff
  4. To initiate 'Action Plans'.
  5. To formulate a strategic route map against Change Loop Gap Analysis priorities (defined in Objectives 1 and 2).

Recommended Approach

The Strategic Visioning Workshop can be used in isolation as a stand-alone workshops or as Step 1 from the Business Development Programme - Six Steps for Sustainable Growth.

Potential Content

We personalise the content for each workshop based on the explicit requirements of each client. Potential content for the Strategic Visioning Workshop includes:

  • Setting the scene, objectives and ground rules for your workshop
  • Open Systems Model
  • The Change Process
  • Picture Modelling
  • Change Loop Gap Analysis model overview
  • Creating your vision – Future State WDGLL (What Does Good Look Like)?
  • Benefits of delivering Future State vision at three levels
  • Gap Analysis – assessment of Current v Future State
  • Identification of priority Areas for Action
  • Strategic rout map and potential sponsors
  • Next Steps and close of workshop.


2 day workshop.

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