Step 5 - Coaching and Business Alignment

Letter Tiles Spelling GROWTH, Stacked in Shape of Business Growth Chart Are you clear about appropriate ways to motivate, manage and coach your sales staff in line with your purpose, culture and desired outcomes?

Are you clear about how internal support functions should support the sales culture?

The purpose of the Coaching and Business Alignment Workshop is to:
1. Enable Sales Management staff understand, coach and performance manage the Consultative Sales Process (CSP) in line with the sales competency framework.
2. Evaluate the outputs and outcomes resulting from the Foundation Sales Skills Workshops (step 4).
3. Establish a series of 'where to from here' steps to support a personalised and successful implementation of the CSP into the everyday working environment of the sales teams.
4. Identify internal support functions that need to be aware of what you are trying to achieve and the best practice ways to approach them.


  1. Review outcomes from previous Steps (if appropriate).
  2. Review the purpose, objectives and content of the Foundation Sales Skills Workshop, and explore delegate feedback resulting from the workshops.
  3. Develop a clear picture of what went well / potential areas for improvement from the CSP Foundation Sales Skills Workshops.
  4. Assess outputs from the CSP Foundation Sales Skills Workshops (e.g. the CSP Questioning Library) and explore methods to implement these outputs in the commercial working environment.
  5. Review the updated sales competency framework.
  6. Explore CSP coaching tools, techniques and Performance Management processes.
  7. Practice and become effective in giving and receiving feedback.
  8. Explore recognition and motivation techniques.
  9. Identify which other internal support departments / functions could support the delivery of the sales objectives and how.
  10. Design a series of 'where to from here?' steps and practices to further implement and personalise the CSP into the sales working environment.

Recommended Approach

The Coaching and Business Alignment Workshop is Step 5 from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth. The Six Steps are intended as a guide. Steps within the process can be used in isolation as stand-alone workshops. Alternatively, clients may choose to implement all Six Steps or focus on a number of priority Steps, based on the outcomes of a self-assessment analysis and consultation.

Potential Content

We personalise the content for each workshop from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth, based on the explicit requirements of each client. Potential content for the Coaching and Business Alignment Workshop includes:

  • Overview of previous Steps.
  • The Change Process.
  • Open Systems Model.
  • CSP Foundation workshop - purpose, objectives and headline content.
  • Delegate Feedback - Positives / Areas for Improvement.
  • Examples of CSP application so far.
  • CSP Foundation outputs created and how to use them.
  • Updated Business Development sales competency framework.
  • How to utilise in the working environment.
  • CSP Coaching tools, techniques and processes.
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback.
  • Motivation and recognition.
  • Further internal support required.
  • Where to from here?


2 day workshop.

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