Step 4 - Foundation Sales Skills

Letter Tiles Spelling GROWTH, Stacked in Shape of Business Growth Chart Are you clear on how to implement sales competencies through bespoke sales training programmes, and how to field-test sales competencies before release?

The purpose of the Sales Skills Workshop is to introduce delegates to the custom designed customer facing 'Consultative Sales Process' (CSP) Sales Training at a foundation level. The custom designed workshop will align with the desired culture and resulting customer outcomes / experiences identified in previous Steps from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth programme. To aim is to expose delegates to the sales competencies and ascertain feedback and further development of the competencies before field testing and going live.


  1. Review outcomes from previous Steps (if appropriate).
  2. Review the sales competencies (Super Salesman).
  3. Explore the 'Consultative Sales Process' (CSP).
  4. Enhance understanding of the CSP through a series of practical & interactive exercises.
  5. Practice the application of the CSP process by conducting  'real life' competitive Customer facing simulation role-plays.
  6. Receive feedback on individual influencing and interpersonal styles, and how delegates have applied the CSP process during the workshop.
  7. Make a clear distinction between Features, Advantages and Benefits, and how to link Benefits to Customer needs as part of an effective persuasive Customer Proposal.
  8. Deliver a customer facing persuasive proposal to 'win business'.
  9. Create a 'First Draft' CSP library for transfer into the real working environment.
  10. Identify individual 'Areas of Improvement' and commitments to transfer back into the working environment.

Recommended Approach

The Sales Skills Workshop is Step 4 from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth. The Six Steps are intended as a guide. Steps within the process can be used in isolation as stand-alone workshops. Alternatively, clients may choose to implement all Six Steps or focus on a number of priority Steps, based on the outcomes of a self-assessment analysis and consultation.

Potential Content:

We personalise the content for each workshop from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth, based on the explicit requirements of each client. Potential content for the CSP Foundation Sales Skills Workshop includes:

  • Competitive Team Task 1 and review.
  • Overview previous Steps.
  • The Change Process.
  • Open Systems Model.
  • Super Salesman competencies and feedback.
  • Client Relationship v Client Product sales process.
  • Influencing and Persuasion styles.
  • Overview of Consultative Sales Process (CSP).
  • CSP practical / interactive exercises.
  • Creating the 'CSP Library'.
  • Competitive Team Task 2.
  • Review of performance and feedback.
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits.
  • Competitive Team Task 3.
  • Review of performance and feedback.
  • 'What Does Good Look Like' CSP Checklist.
  • Further support required to transfer skills into everyday working environment.
  • Individual learning and commitment.


2 day workshop.

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