Step 6 - Continuing the Momentum

Letter Tiles Spelling GROWTH, Stacked in Shape of Business Growth Chart Continuing the Momentum - Strategic Workshop 2
Is your vision / purpose / culture still fit for purpose?

Are your customers clear about your purpose and can they can describe how you differ from your competitors?

Are you clear about the appropriate feedback processes you require to assess your current performance against your purpose, culture and desired outcomes?

Are you clear about how you can continue driving improvements and maintain the momentum for change?

The purpose of the Continuing the Momentum Workshop is to:

  • Enable Senior Management reflect on the Business Development Steps implemented so far.
  • Measure / find ways of establishing progress against outputs and outcomes from the Step 1 - Vision & Strategy Workshop. That is, clarity of:
    • vision (future state),
    • why we exist (purpose),
    • what we are trying to achieve (desired outcomes), and
    • the appropriate sales / commercial culture we are aiming to develop which will enable our customers to differentiate us from competition.
  • To re-evaluate and renew the change loop model created in Step 1 - Vision & Strategy Workshop and action plan areas for improvement.


  1. Review outcomes from previous Steps (if appropriate).
  2. Review the current feedback systems and define their fit for purpose against information required to drive improvements.
  3. Sample customer feedback so far against desired outputs and outcomes from the Vision & Strategy Workshop.
  4. Renew the Change Loop document created at Vision & Strategy Workshop and re-score current state in line with outcomes and progress made from other Steps.
  5. Identify key areas for action and assign sponsors.

Recommended Approach

Continuing the Momentum - Strategic Workshop 2 is Step 6 from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth. The Six Steps are intended as a guide. Steps within the process can be used in isolation as stand-alone workshops. Alternatively, clients may choose to implement all Six Steps or focus on a number of priority Steps, based on the outcomes of a self-assessment analysis and consultation.

Potential Content

We personalise the content for each workshop from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth, based on the explicit requirements of each client. Potential content for the Continuing the Momentum Workshop includes:

  • Review outcomes from previous Steps.
  • The Change Process.
  • Open Systems Model – revisited.
  • Review of existing customer feedback systems / processes.
  • Examples of Customer Feedback so far.
  • Design of improved customer feedback loops.
  • Change Loop renewal.
  • Change Loop re scoring.
  • Areas for Action.
  • Update strategic route map.
  • Next steps.


2 day workshop.

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