Customer Focused Culture

Friendly Handshake with Customer During Team Meeting Getting repeat business and recommendations from your Customers is much easier and cheaper than acquiring new ones.

...But what do your customers really feel about you and how are they treated?

To help you answer this question and embed great Customer Service into your business, Opsis Consulting have developed a set of 'Customer Rules'.

The 'Customer Rules' are a series of sequential and logical steps designed to put the Customer at the heart of your business.


Here are some key Customer Service questions we believe every organisation should consider if they want to develop a leading edge, Customer Focused Culture:

  • Are you really delivering leading edge Customer Service’ or is it simply 'good enough'?
  • What does leading edge Customer Service’ actually look like?
  • Can your Customers clearly differentiate between you and your competitors?
  • Internally and externally; are your staff truly behaving in a Customer focused way that delivers what your Customers want and what your business needs?
  • Do you have feedback processes in place that enable you to keep ahead of your competitors?

We designed our Customer Focused Culture Programme to help you answer and then deliver against the above questions by taking a hard look at what you want to be, then comparing this against what you're actually doing now from your customer’s perspective.

By analysing your current business behaviours and talking to staff and customers, we help you establish where you are now and key improvements that can be made. We can then help you to implement the required changes and embed leading edge Customer Service' into your business that will set you apart from everyone else.


The purpose of the Customer Focused Culture Programme is to enable you to develop a strategy that supports a leading edge Customer Service approach that is led by senior management, owned by employees, and experienced by your customers.

We facilitate a process that enables you to create a behavioural culture that delivers your Customer Service vision and sets you apart from everyone else, resulting in increased profitability, sustainable stakeholder buy in and repeated customer recommendations.


The Customer Focused Culture Programme is designed to guide your Leadership / senior management team through a series of sequential and logical steps that enable them develop a strategy for creating a leading Edge Customer Service culture and vision that will deliver sustainable benefits. These steps (also known as the 'Customer Rules') are:

  1. Get clear about what you are trying to achieve from a leading edge Customer Service culture and why.
  2. Develop  a Customer Service vision that can be understood by your customers and will differentiate you from everyone else in your marketplace.
  3. Understand what leading edge Customer Service looks like from the perspective of external Customers and staff.
  4. Review your current approach to Customer Service and measure the impact of this approach against Customer and stakeholder expectations.
  5. Develop an approach that enables staff shift attitudes and behaviours towards the leading edge approach and enables them to experience the benefits.
  6. Involve Customers, staff and supply chain within the process of creating behaviours that deliver against the culture, vision and expectations required.
  7. Develop a measurement check list that evaluates Customer service outputs and utilises Customer feedback to drive pro active changes in behaviour and processes to improve Customer Service results.

Recommended Approach

To enable you to develop a bespoke 'Customer Service' Strategy based on your explicit needs, we recommend an initial meeting with members of your Leadership / Senior management team to diagnose where you are now (current state) and where you would like to be (future state). Based on the outcomes of the diagnosis, we can help you design, build upon and implement the most appropriate Customer Service Strategy for your organisation.

The Customer Focused Culture Programme consists of a series of bespoke workshops. We personalise the content for each workshop based on the outcomes of the initial diagnosis and your specific organisational requirements.

Benefits and Outcomes

The benefits and outcomes you can expect to achieve by implementing the Customer Focused Culture Programme include:

  • A bespoke and structured approach to Customer Service that is linked to real business KPIs and stakeholder requirements.
  •  An explicit understanding of what your customer require and why.
  • A Customer service strategy that is led by the Leadership / senior management team and involves all levels of staff in the creation of behaviours and processes that deliver against Customer expectations.
  • An improved working relationship between your Customers, staff and supply chain, resulting in increased efficiencies and profit.
  • Enhanced company offering to your customers.
  • To stand out and be perceived as better than your competition in the eyes of your customer.
  • Increased Customer recommendations of your products and services to others.
  • Clear feedback from your customers that enables you to improve effectiveness in the right areas.
  • More effective and more highly motivated staff.

We can provide you with real life case studies that demonstrate how our recommended method and approach resulted in these and other benefits for Opsis Consulting clients.