"After attending the first two of the five modules the change in the way of working within the region is dramatic."


Andy Davies, Managing Director, 

Bridgestone Europe Southern Region

"Opsis show you what good looks like and provide you with the guidance and tools to make it happen. They create a fervour for self and organisational improvement."


Ian Jones, Operations Director, MGF

"One of the real bonuses to me is how well it builds the team. It's taken a bunch of individuals and turned them into the startings of a real high performance team."


Leon van der Merwe,

Vice President After Sales,

Toyota Motor Europe

"Opsis deliver a value for money investment which demonstrates tangible business benefits.

Opsis have delivered fantastic benefits to the business and have been a pleasure to work with."

Matt Fletcher, Commercial Development Director, Contiki

What Our Clients Say

Testimonial from Opsis Client Toyota

I would strongly recommend Opsis because the programme [IOE] they're delivering is very practical, it's very tangible, and it's something that can easily be taken and adapted to any organisation. Also, Opsis have come in, understood my organisation, understood my needs, and then adapted their program to be able to deliver what I need them to deliver."
Leon van der Merwe, Vice President After Sales, Toyota Motor Europe

Opsis Client - Fulcrum
"Opsis energises your whole workforce and gives them the skills, tools, knowledge and most importantly the impetus to become World Class."
Richard Ashcroft, Chief Executive, Fulcrum
Testimonial from Opsis Client STA Travel
"The key benefits Opsis have brought into our business are based around the uniformity we now have in working practice at a management level.

There is a common language used, an understanding by our managers, as to how to drive a high performing team, how to empower staff and motivate at an individual and team level. Our managers have an understanding as to what they need to do to become great leaders and Opsis have been an integral part in them acquiring that skill and knowledge.

Why do we use Opsis as one of our preferred business partners?

Over the last 6 years whilst working with Opsis at STA Travel, they have been key in uniforming management processes across Sales and HO Departments. They have consistently adapted their training to the needs of our business, built a good rapport with our management teams and taken the time to understand STA Travel as a business. With their wealth of knowledge and years of experience they not only deliver high quality training but have built an excellent rapport with the Managers on their programmes."
John Constable, CEO, STA Travel

Testimonial from Opsis Client Conticki
"Contiki engaged OPSIS on top down driven business improvement process, implemented by Contiki sales leaders and embraced by sales teams, resulting in a better customer experience when dealing with Contiki.

As a global business with a complex B2B and B2C sales model we have valued OPSIS’s expertise on this macro global business improvement project.

Over the course of 2 years engagement, the project has at every stage delivered a range of bespoke output documents that have further assisted the sales leadership to transfer the process into their world.

In addition OPSIS consulted at an executive level to coach business leaders on (amongst other things) future state mapping, change management and competency development. This has resulted in a common sales language and processes that have created further alignment within all sales operations.

OPSIS deliver a value for money investment which demonstrates tangible business benefits. The management consultants have been flexible and responsive to our requirements to provide tailor made solutions suitable for our global business needs. OPSIS have delivered fantastic benefit to the business and have been a pleasure to work with."
Matt Fletcher, Commercial Development Director, Contiki

Testimonial from Opsis Client Parker
"Opsis is a Training Partner. They provide management training tailored to your specific needs using highly effective models and workshops.

Opsis help business leaders clarify the operational challenges and then work as a business partner to facilitate change.

They have a box of management tools to improve personal and business performance.

Opsis is an independent facilitator who can bring collective or opposing business groups together to discuss future strategy and action planning.

Opsis can research within a client organisation to identify areas of conflict / frustration and provide a consolidated view for management to address – typically part of a development workshop."
David Bailey, Vice President Europe, Parker Hannifin

Testimonial from Opsis Client Coface
"Coface has used Opsis to support the development of our leaders in managing employee performance. A 2 day programme was created to roll out to managers over a 12 month period. As a follow up, we have also made use of specialists within Opsis to deliver 1 to 1 coaching with senior managers.

Using Opsis to deliver our 'managing performance' programme has meant consistency in the messages and in the expectations across the company. Managers can relate to what they have learned and build on the models and tips gleaned during the sessions. Bringing managers together has had the further benefit of supporting cross-company communication and understanding."
Dominique Vaughan Williams, Marketing and Human Resources Director, Coface UK & Ireland

LSM Logo 150 x 150
"London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Limited (LSM) have worked in partnership with Opsis as our key training provider for over 5 years. During that time they have supported our business with skills training and a range of development programmes aimed at increasing the quality of our leadership at all levels. We have been particularly impressed by the Opsis approach which is hands on, practical and fun to work with.

Working with Opsis on their IOE (Increasing Organisation Effectivess) programme has helped our senior and middle management teams to develop a common language and approach, which has led to increased consistency in our practice of management and leadership across the business."
Itamar Resende, Managing Director, London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Limited