Step 3 - Designing Our Sales Culture

Letter Tiles Spelling GROWTH, Stacked in Shape of Business Growth Chart Are you clear about the sales competencies that will enable your organisation to deliver against the Strategic Vision and Business Development / Marketing Plan?

Are you clear about the culture you are trying to create?

Do you have effective sales training workshop/s that cascade appropriate and bespoke skill development, resulting in a long-term cultural change?

The purpose of this Workshop is to develop a range of sales competencies that align with the strategic vision, customer expectations, and the required culture and outcomes.

The aim is to design a personalised sales training programme that aligns with the required sales competencies, and enables the transfer and management of appropriate skills and behaviours into the everyday working environment of sales managers and staff.


  1. Review outcomes from Step 1 Strategic Visioning Workshop and Step 2 Business Planning / Marketing Workshop (if appropriate).
  2. Understand and build upon 'Moments of Truth' opportunities within the Business Development sales process.
  3. Develop a range of sales competency headings.
  4. Create associated behaviors in line with the competency heading framework – based on WDGLL (What Does Good Look Like?) for a 'Super Salesman'.
  5. Explore how sales competencies can be utilised within your organisation.
  6. Design a sales training programme to cascade sales competencies.

Recommended Approach

The Designing Our Sales Culture Workshop is Step 3 from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth. The Six Steps are intended as a guide. Steps within the process can be used in isolation as stand-alone workshops. Alternatively, clients may choose to implement all Six Steps or focus on a number of priority Steps, based on the outcomes of a self-assessment analysis and consultation.

Potential Content

We personalise the content for each workshop from the Six Steps for Sustainable Growth, based on the explicit requirements of each client. Potential content for the Designing Our Sales Culture Workshop includes:

  • Overview of previous Steps, (if appropriate).
  • The Change Process.
  • Open Systems Model.
  • Purpose of sales staff in line with outcomes of Steps 1 and 2.
  • What we want our customers to say.
  •  'Moments of Truth'.
  • Competency headings and associated WDGLL behaviors.
  • Key areas for improvement.
  • Outcomes expected from a sales training programme.


2 day workshop.

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