Organisational Change

Line of dominoes knocked over by red ball, representing momentum for change The Four Challenges of Organisational Change
A key part of any change process is the need to develop the leadership and management attitude and skills necessary to drive change.
All leaders initiating change in their organisations face four key challenges:
1. How to Get Started,
2. Clarifying the What,
3. Commencing the How, and
4. How to Measure and Monitor Progress

How to Get Started

In our experience, the most effective way to get started is to:

  • clarify the strengths and areas for improvement of the organisation and its leadership team, and
  • align the whole leadership team to a common view of the start point, future state and a plan of action.

Opsis have developed a highly effective Leadership Team Development Process to facilitate and fast track this process.


Clarifying the What

Clarifying what needs to change requires the development of clear, measurable, time bound action plans for organisation improvement.

To call our approach for this stage the Organisation Development Plan.


Commencing the How

This involves identifying how to change attitudes and behaviours of the management team, and subsequently all employees.

We call our approach Increasing Organisation Effectiveness.

Leaders can develop their individual leadership skills by attending The Leadership Challenge Workshop®.


How to Measure and Monitor Progress

The next challenge is to identify how measure your start point and then monitor your progress towards becoming a leading edge organisation.

To help our clients overcome this challenge we have developed a High Performing Organisations Assessment.

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