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Bar chart illustrating business growth The Six Steps for Sustainable Growth

A well thought through business development / commercial strategy, with clear and measurable outcomes that satisfy the needs and desires of customers and stakeholders, is a vital ingredient for successful and sustainable profitable growth in an ever-changing and competitive business environment.

A business development / commercial strategy which is communicated effectively and understood by everyone within the organisation, and where resources, systems and cultural behaviours are in line with the achievement of the desired outcomes, will enable an organisation to grow profitably and remain fit for purpose according to existing, anticipated and changing customer and stakeholder needs and desires.

Opsis Consulting has designed The Six Steps for Sustainable Growth to enable our clients to develop new and refine existing approaches to business development / commercial profitable growth, alongside creating the appropriate cultural environment that supports the delivery of the desired outputs and outcomes. We developed the Six Steps based on real life customer case studies and over 21 years of experience working with some of the world's leading companies.

We start by offering a self-assessment analysis and consultation to help you gain clarity about about where you are now (current state) and where you would like to be (future state). Based on the outcomes of the self-assessment and consultation, we can help you design, build upon and implement the most appropriate sustainable business development / commercial strategy and environment for your organisation.

The Six Steps For Sustainable Growth

The Six Steps are intended as guide. You can choose to implement all Six Steps for Sustainable Growth or focus on priority Steps, based on your specific organisational needs.  Steps within the process can be implemented in isolation as stand-alone workshops and/or additional Steps can be designed to meet your specific requirements. We also personalise the content of each workshop, based on the explicit requirements of your organisation.

The Six Steps for Sustainable Growth programme includes the following workshops:

  1. Strategic Visioning (for Senior Management Teams)
  2. Business Planning / Marketing
  3. Designing Our Sales Culture
  4. CSP Foundation Sales Skills Workshop
  5. Coaching and Business Alignment
  6. Continuing the Momentum - Strategic Workshop 2

The ultimate aim is to clarify where you are currently (current state) against your vision, and design a logical route map to achieve your desired outcomes.

Benefits and Outcomes

The benefits and outcomes you can expect to achieve by implementing the The Six Steps for Sustainable Growth include:

  • A bespoke and structured approach to Business Development / Commercial strategy linked to real business desired outputs and outcomes that are aligned against internal KPIs and customer / stakeholder requirements
  • An explicit understanding of what your customers require and why.
  • A Business Development / Commercial strategy that is led by the senior management team and involves all levels of staff in the creation of plans, behaviours, processes and associated skill development, and that is focused on delivering against desired outcomes.
  • A bespoke sales training programme which supports required cultural behaviours.
  • An improved working relationship between internal functions as they become more are aligned to meet customer needs and requirements.
  • Enhanced company offerings to your customers that demonstrate and focus on added value.
  • To stand out from and be perceived as better than your competition in the eyes of your customer.
  • Increased customer recommendations of your products and services.
  • Clear customer feedback that enables you to improve effectiveness in the right areas.
  • A more effective and motivated management team and staff.

We can provided real life case studies that demonstrate how our recommended method and approach resulted in these and other benefits for Opsis Consutling clients.

Recommended Approach

To enable you to develop a bespoke 'Business Development / Commercial' approach, Opsis Consulting recommends an initial meeting with members of your Leadership / senior management team to diagnose the most effective approach for you.

The Six Steps to Sustainable Growth are intended as guide. Steps within the process can be used in isolation as stand-alone workshops and/or additional Steps can be designed to meet your specific organisational requirements.

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