High Performing Organisations Assessment

Business evolution chart showing sustainable growth In the 21 years we have worked with and helped to develop leading edge organisations, one thing has become very clear. High performing organisations do things differently to the rest - hence their success.
Some of the characteristics of high performing organisations include:
1. Direction is simple and clear
2. Everyone is aligned
3. There is exceptional focus on customer needs and aspirations
4. There is a co-ownership mentality
5. Everyone is equipped with the skills to perform
6. There is a fervour to improve
7. Improving profitability is an everyday conversation by all

Part of the role of leadership is to articulate the above points, identify the size of the gap between current performance and the desired state, and facilitate / enable their team or company to make it a reality.

To assist you with this process, we have created the Developing High Performing Organisations Assessment (DHPO). This assessment provides a clear measurement of the current performance of your organisation against leading edge best practice, which supports the development action plans to improve and subsequently monitor progress.

  • Leaders in the organisation have a common view of what a leading edge organisation looks like.
  • Leaders in the organisation have a common view of their start point.
  • Leaders can follow a tried and tested blueprint, resulting in less waste and a faster pace.
  • Leaders can easily¬†monitor and measure progress towards becoming a leading edge organisation.

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