Effective Meetings in Half the Time

Stopwatch in Front of Stacks of Coins Suggestion Time is Money


To equip employees with the skills and confidence to plan and conduct more effective meetings. Expect meetings to become shorter and more productive, have clearer outcomes, and encourage more valuable contribution from all attendees.

Who Would Benefit

All employees who are expected to plan, conduct and participate in meetings as part of their role.


  • Shorter and more productive meetings.
  • Increased focus on pre-meeting planning preparation, resulting in more effective outcomes.
  • Improved chairperson effectiveness.
  • More interactive meetings, tapping into the potential of all participants.
  • Increased confidence in dealing with difficult meeting situations and people.


On completion of this programme delegates will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance and value of regular group communication.
  • Use a more structured approach to preparing and planning meetings.
  • Examine and understand the behavioural aspects of good meeting management and participation, and the key role of the chairperson.
  • Preview a series of process tools/techniques that will enhance the involvement and contribution of people who attend meetings, to include:
    • Problem solving
    • Decision-making
    • Group facilitation
  • Develop a personal performance improvement plan to assist the transfer of the tools/techniques to the real business environment.

Content Outline:

  • Pre-work
  • Establishing current worst and best practice
  • Management process and links with meetings
  • Meeting survey feedback of results
  • Planning and structuring a meeting
    • The need for objectives
    • Determining and planning the agenda
    • The importance of involving people
    • The chairpersons role
    • Difficult people handling
  • Insight into the behavioural aspects of meeting
  • Communication meeting exercise
  • Business simulation meeting exercise and review
  • Process tools and techniques
  • Learning and commitments


  • 1 day

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