Project Management

Project Manager Tracking Progress On Gantt Chart


To provide participants with the structured processes, systems, tools and techniques required to plan and manage projects effectively.

Who Would Benefit

New or existing project managers, or sub project managers, who require a more structured and systematic process to follow when working on projects.


By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the key elements of project management.
  • Investigate a project to define the scope, objectives, timescales and resources.
  • Produce a project plan designed to meet the stated objectives on time, within budget, and to the required specifications.
  • Monitor and update a project plan, as required, in order to to meet objectives within required parameters.
  • Effectively manage a project team and develop an open and trusting team environment.
  • Apply project management principles techniques and skills to job related projects.
  • Use a structured process to protect project plans by anticipating what could go wrong and implementing a series of actions to minimise any effects.
  • Implement an action plan to assist with the transfer of the skills to the work place.

Content Outline

  • Pre-work
  • Systematic approach to management and links to Project Management
  • Why do projects fail/go wrong
  • Overview of project management stages
  • Initiation stage
    • Purpose Aim
    • Project objectives
    • Project meetings
    • Project breakdown deliverables (programme)
    • Project breakdown case study
    • Resource organisation
    • Review of initiation stage
  • Project planning stage
    • Project manager selection
    • Responsibility assignment
    • Planning tools techniques
    • Protecting plans process
    • Review of project planning stage
  • Implementation stage
    • Project monitoring and control
    • Resolving issues and problem solving tools techniques
    • Project review
    • Report and close down
  • Action planning and personal learning and commitment


  • 1 day

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