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Today we're looking at Post Meeting Review as part of our new series focusing on Small Steps.

We know that great success starts with Small Steps, so we're introducing a series of initiatives that are easy to learn, relevant to work, and can be applied straight away with minimal time or effort.

Our Small Steps initiatives may seem deceptively simple but we know they make a BIG difference, and that's definitely the case with today's Post Meeting Review.

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier

Your Meeting Is Over - Now What?

  • What is a success?
  • Were key goals and objectives achieved?
  • How can you ensure the next meeting is even more productive and effective?

A timely and well planned Post Meeting Review will help to answer these questions and set regular meetings on a path towards continuous improvement. Of all the steps a meeting leader needs to take to in order to plan and conduct an effective meeting, this step (along with having a clear purpose, as emphasised in the Opsis Meeting Model) is arguably one of the most important yet most forgotten.

The following is a simple structure for a Post Meeting Review to obtain feedback at the end of a meeting. This simple but effective process can help to ensure future meetings are even more focused, effective, productive and enjoyable for all attendees. The process can be used whenever people come together on a regular basis to meet for a purpose, such as monthly or weekly team meetings, training workshops or sales conferences.

Post Meeting Review Steps

  • Set aside 15 minutes at the end of the meeting for a review.
  • Begin the review by breaking the attendees into pairs or small groups of three.
  • Reveal a pre-prepared flipchart summarising the following questions, using the structure in the image below:
    • What do you like about our meetings?
    • How could we further improve our meetings?
    • Suggest one change that could make our meetings more productive and fun.

Opsis Post Meeting Review

  • Give each pair/group 5 minutes to discuss their answers.
  • Gather responses from each pair/group and summarise them on the flipchart.
  • Meeting organiser(s) to review the flipchart after the meeting and use the feedback to plan changes for next time.
  • Start the next meeting by referring to the review flipchart from the previous meeting. Explain the changes planned.
  • Run the next meeting in the new way.
  • At the end of the meeting, repeat the Post Meeting Review process.
  • Rinse and repeat for future meetings!

Next Steps

If you want your meetings to be even more focused, effective, productive and enjoyable for all attendees, take the small but significant step of including a Review at the end of your next regular meeting. Notice difference when you conduct the following meeting in the new, recommended way.

Want to find out more? Your team can develop the skills and confidence needed to plan and conduct more effective meetings in our Effective Meetings in Half the Time workshop. Expect meetings to become shorter and more productive, have clearer outcomes, and encourage more valuable contribution from all attendees. Our Increasing Organisational Effectiveness programme also covers how to plan and conduct effective meetings, as well as many other skills for improving individual effectiveness.

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  1. Sivanesh Balakrishnan
    Dear Opsis Team, Many thanks for this easy applicable advancement of the existing meeting model. A valuable tip! Surely a good thing to try. Best Regards, Sivanesh