Negotiation Skills

Business Man and Woman Shaking Hands


To develop confidence and competence when facing commercial negotiation situations, resulting in enhanced business performance of client facing employees.

Who Would Benefit

Employees who interact directly with clients and/or prospective clients during commercial negotiations, and managers responsible for formally managing and monitoring the negotiation performance of their team.


  • Provision of a tried and tested negotiation framework against which an employee can improve performance and results.
  • Improved confidence and competence of employees whose objectives are to maximise results through interaction/working through others.
  • A more consistent approach to negotiation.
  • Employees who have a clearer understanding of what is required to achieve key milestones within the Negotiation sales process.


By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Profile the different personality behaviours of buyers and modify their own style to influence and shape outcome of discussions favourably.
  • Describe organisational buying levels and how to gain influence and approval for the proposition at all levels.
  • Explain how organisational buying levels interact internally.
  • Be able to apply a range of Negotiation techniques that increase the likelihood of “Win-Win” outcomes.
  • Explain the difference between a “Push” and “Pull” style of questioning, and how and when to use each technique to achieve the best outcome.
  • Profile and prioritise a list of key objective outcomes for meetings, and design a structured pre-meeting plan-of-action.
  • Describe primary and secondary concessions, and how to trade for maximum effect.
  • Explain the difference between “Continuation” and “Advance”, and how to influence the transition from one to the other.
  • Set up and follow through key action points from meetings and discussions, leading to improved performance.
  • Meet with their line-manager on their return to the workplace to discuss their personal development plan and action plan.

Content Outline

  • What is Negotiation? A Definition.
  • Key principles of Negotiation.
  • Personality profiling of buyers and how to modify personal style for maximum results.
  • Understanding Organisational Buying Levels, their key drivers, and how to influence:
    • Top Management
    • Departmental Heads/Managers
    • Buyers/Purchasers
  • Key skills related to Negotiating a Win-Win outcome.
  • Questioning styles – Push Vs Pull. Key differentiators. When and how to use each style.
  • Pre-meeting key objective setting process.
  • Primary and secondary concessions – their (real) value and how to use them for maximum effect.
  • Skills practice - The Negotiation Game.
  • Skills practice - Continuation and Advance.
  • Concluding and following up on the Negotiation meeting.
  • Review of pre-work questionnaire’s and feedback.
  • Personal learning and commitments.

Individual role-plays will be conducted with the assistance of professional actors to simulate realistic business scenarios within a safe learning environment.

Recommended Numbers

Due to the highly practical nature of the workshop, which includes substantial opportunities to practice skills and techniques during role-play activities, we recommended a maximum of 8 people attend this workshop.


  • 2 days

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