Letting Go (Releasing the Potential of People)

Newton's Cradle Representing Releasing Momentum


To increase the ability of managers to confidently "let go" of some of their day to day activities, empower and enable team members to take on greater responsibilities, and increase individual performance.

Who Would Benefit

Any person who already leads and manages others, and wants to realise the full potential of their team.


  • Increased management effectiveness.
  • Managers who can use of a range of leadership styles to suit the needs of each individual.
  • Improved employee performance.


By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

  • Structure an approach for identifying performance coaching opportunities.
  • Decide when delegation is appropriate and how to delegate successfully.
  • Recognise opportunities for setting challenging/stretching business related goals that focus people towards high performance.
  • Identify their natural leadership style and how to adopt their style to match the different needs of their team members.
  • Use a coaching model that enables them to quickly and simply work with others to enhance their performance.
  • Establish personal aspects and implications (risks and benefits) of letting go.
  • Apply modern motivational theory and be prepared to empower/enable staff as means of letting go.

Content Outline

  • Pre-work
  • Introduction to Letting Go
  • Review of personal effectiveness
  • Shared knowledge and understanding
  • Trust effect model
  • Practical exercise - right first time and review
  • Learning journal update
  • Leadership model - empowering people
  • Application of leadership model
  • Delegation process steps
  • Introduction to the coaching process
  • Practice coaching skills and techniques during business simulation exercise
  • Learning and commitments


  • 2 days

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