Intercultural Awareness

To develop effective leadership and management across intercultural boundaries, and exploit the benefits of intercultural diversity.


To develop effective leadership and management across intercultural boundaries, and maximise the benefits of intercultural diversity.

Who Would Benefit

All leaders, senior managers, managers and project/initiative leaders working with multi-functional and multicultural teams


  • Employees who are better equipped and more capable of taking intercultural differences into consideration when carrying out their role.
  • Increased potential to nurture cultural diversity and exploit the benefits.
  • Reduction of conflicts, misunderstandings and misleading expectations due to cultural differences.
  • Improved decision making and problem solving within multi-functional and multicultural teams


By the end of this workshops delegates will be able to:

  • Experience and appreciate intercultural differences in new and deeper ways.
  • Develop an intercultural mind-set
    • Recognise cultural differences
    • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards differences
  • Apply an intercultural skillset
    • Use learning-to-learn frameworks to identify areas of misunderstanding
    • Choose and adapt behaviour appropriately in an intercultural context
  • Explain the significance and impact of intercultural differences on the role of the manager.
  • Display intercultural sensitivity and describe effect this is likely to have on their leadership attitude.
  • Describe culture dimensions based on the research of Hofstede, Hall and Trompenaars.
  • Apply feedback on their level of intercultural sensitivity and identify areas for improvement
  • Identify appropriate and relevant approaches to leadership, problem solving and decision making in an intercultural context.
  • Implement an individual personal performance and development a plan to facilitate the transfer of 
learning into the work environment.

Content Outline

  • Pre-work: Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) 4 weeks before the seminar.
  • Feedback and evaluation of Intercultural Development Inventory results.
  • Ethno-Centrism vs. Ethno-Relativism: personal profile and development needs.
  • Delegates current approach to working with multicultural teams.
  • Introduction to Cultural Dimensions: Hall, Trompenaars Hofstede.
  • Culture Dimensions: Concepts and consequences (leading, decision making).
  • Culture Dimensions: Stereotypes - Americans, Europeans (and differences within), Asians (and differences within).
  • Identify own preferences - what do these mean in terms of:
    • Leadership.
    • Problem solving.
    • Decision Making.
    • Team and Individual Development.
    • Consequences.
  • How to capitalise on intercultural differences.
  • Managing and leading across intercultural boundaries.
  • How to nurture cultural diversity: group work.
  • Transfer through personal and team action.
  • Personal feedback.


  • 1.5 days

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